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    I am thinking about getting the personal pack here on for my blog. I would like to get rid of the ads and most important, I want my own domain.

    I am struggling with understanding what I will get when paying for the ‘Personal’ packet. The thing I can not understand is if the packet will give me a domain or if it will just give me the opportunity to add a domain, bought from somewhere else. So, I need to know since I don´t want to end up paying for 2 domains, one that I got here and one from Binero, which I am thinking of shopping from in that case.

    Can I choose my own domain ending in that case? Or will it automatically be a domain with .com? Another scenario, if I want to buy a domain from another company, will I have to have a premium packet to be able to add it or can I have the free packet and adding a domain from somewhere else?


    The blog I need help with is

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